Interoperability is the key. When you want to communicate with joint units and multi-national forces, Mandate has the complete line of MIL-STD-6017 VMF messages and application-layer processing so you can say what you want and know you'll be heard.

Applicable Standards

  • MIL-STD-6017
  • MIL-STD-6017A


You focus on the information and let Mandate handle the translation to and from bits. Each message is represented by a simple structure, all you have to do is fill it out.


Don't pay for what you don't use. Tailor the Mandate messages to the subset that your application needs and use only the minimum amount of memory necessary.


Add additional application-specific messages, such as Self-Describing Situational Awareness (SDSA) messages, that haven't been approved into the standard yet. Mandate provides the tools to describe almost any kind of message contents.

Future Airborne

Contact sales to see how Mandate works with the FACE data model to produce an easy-to-interface transport connection for any FACE-conformant environment.


Mandate is compatible with the U.S. Army's Improved Data Modem (IDM) and can be used to communicate with AFATDS, the Longbow Apache, and FBCB2.

It's Your Data

The bit-oriented message is perfect for over-the-air transmission, but Mandate can also turn any message into XML that is easy for users to read and understand.