Open Systems Architecture

The Thomas Production Company supports open architectures as a way of lowering costs, reducing integration time, and increasing portability. All of our products can be packaged for FACE or SCA environments.

DolmenFACE Environment

The Future Airborne Capability Environment defines the future standard for software interoperability in the airborne and military communications markets. Dolmen provides the tools and libraries necessary to establish a FACE environment consistent with the FACE Technical Standard 2.0 on nearly any computer system. Ask about our data link products that are represented by FACE data models and transport connections.

QuoitFACE Framework

Also check out Quoit, an object-oriented framework that greatly simplifies writing and testing FACE-conformant applications. Written entirely in C++, Quoit speeds the implementation and integration of FACE I/O service and transport connections with only a few lines of code. Use Quoit with Dolmen or any FACE-conformant environment.

Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) segment architecture

OrchardJTRS Core Framework

Orchard is a set of software applications that implement the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) 2.2.2 Core Framework. Orchard uses XML files to dynamically load and configure JTRS components on any number of configured host systems.

Software Communications Architecture (SCA) logical architecture