The Future Airburne Capability Environment (FACE) provides a well-defined environment for developing portable applications. Dolmen is aligned with the FACE Technical Standard 2.0 and provides the I/O Services and Transport Connections upon which any FACE-conformant application can run.


Dolmen provides the I/O Services and Transport Services Segments to provide a complete FACE environment. From controlling discretes and the MIL-STD-1553 bus to POSIX Sockets and Message Queues, Dolmen is the complete FACE solution.


Dolmen is engineered for the most resource-constrained environments, including low-power processors and limited-memory environments. Dolmen was designed according to MISRA guidelines and DO-178B considerations.


Dolmen faithfully implements all requirements from the FACE Technical Standard Edition 2.0. Every requirement is traceable in Dolmen and automated testing achieves nearly 100% statement level coverage.

Sample Platforms

Manufacturer Platform Operating System I/O Services
Ballard Technologies Avionics BusBox Linux Discrete, Serial, MIL-STD-1553
Orbital ATK JATAS VxWorks Discrete, Serial
Rigel Engineering ShotFinder Linux Discrete, Serial, I2C, ALSA
Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi Linux Discrete, Serial
Apple Mac Mini Mac OS X Serial

I/O Services

Dolmen supports the full range of I/O services to allow Platform-Specific components to access the I/O Services Segment.

  • MIL-STD-1553
  • Serial
  • Discrete
  • Generic Bus
  • Loopback *
  • SMBus *
  • I2C *
  • ALSA *

* Dolmen extensions to FACE.

Transport Connections

Dolmen supports all of the POSIX transport interfaces. Please contact sales for more information about the ARINC transport interfaces.

  • POSIX Sockets
  • POSIX Message Queues
  • POSIX Shared Memory
  • CORBA (coming soon!)
  • ROSA Buffers *
  • ROSA Circular Queue *
  • ROSA Memory Block *

* Dolmen extensions to FACE.

Generate Code

The Dolmen development tools include an IDL compiler that takes industry-standard CORBA IDL and produces the FACE-specific C++ transport code automatically.

dmc compiler turns IDL into C++ header and source code


FACE provides an excellent framework for developing portable applications, but the official API can be cumbersome. Quoit is a C++ framework that hides much of the complexity of FACE and allows you to develop applications quickly while still maintaining FACE-conformance.


Quoit provides a number of classes that abstract the I/O and transport services data formats so you can focus on the meaning, not the layout. Quoit sits between you and the FACE environment, such as Dolmen, and manages I/O services and transport connections automatically.


FACE is a living standard and is moving faster than most developers can keep up with. Let Quoit handle the changes between FACE revisions and keep your applications protected from the ever-changing standard.


Quoit not only works with Dolmen, but it will work with any FACE-conformant environment. Quoit helps maintain platform-independence by relying on the FACE environment for configuration and all data interactions.