Orchard is a set of software applications that implement the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Core Framework. Orchard uses XML files to dynamically load and configure JTRS components on any number of configured host systems.


Orchard provides all of the JTRS SCA 2.2.2 Core Framework services and interfaces. From the Naming Service and Log Services to the Device Manager and Application Factory, Orchard is the complete JTRS solution.


Orchard is self-monitoring, constantly vigilant about the state of all devices and resources. If a failure in any component is detected, Orchard will try to repair the problem. If that's not possible, the Application is either restarted or gracefully terminated, depending on the needs of the system.


Originally designed as a test tool for our SCA-compliant products, Orchard faithfully implements all requirements from the SCA Specification 2.2.2. Every SCA requirement is traceable in Orchard and automated testing achieves nearly 100% statement-level coverage.


All of the CORBA and Framework Services are provided by Orchard:

  • Services
    • Naming Service
    • Log Service
    • Event Service
  • Framework Services
    • File
    • File System
    • File Manager
    • Timer

Framework Control

  • Application
  • Application Factory
  • Domain Manager
  • Device
  • Loadable Device
  • Executable Device
  • Aggreate Device
  • Device Manager


With dynamic service discovery, waste no more time with out-of-date configuration files or messy environment variables. Put the Orchard nodes anywhere on the network and they will find each other.